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*Cleans your pond overnight like magic
*Pyramid bag technology
*100% safe for all fish and plants
*Crystal clear clarity
*Easy to use
*Each Tub contains 4 bags

Pond Wizard from TAP is the fast, safe and natural way to a beautifully clear pond. Packed full of natural bacteria and unique enzymes, Pond Wizard is the easiest and best way to clear a cloudy or murky pond.

Pod Wizard is safe to use in ponds containing fish and plants and can also be used in water features if required.

Pond Wizard Directions:
Simply add 1 x pyramid bag to your pond – The outer bag will quickly dissolve releasing all the natural goodness of Pond Wizard.

When water clarity drops, simply add another bag to your pond.

Pond Wizard Dose Rate:
Add 1 x Pond Wizard pyramid bag for up to 500 gallons (2250 ltrs) of pond water

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