Oase FiltoClear 5000 Set

£549.99 inc. VAT


Key Features

Effective clear water through the perfect combination of filter system and UVC technology
Simple handling and convenient, patented cleaning mechanism
Can be perfectly integrated into the natural pond landscape


POND FILTER: Patented cleaning mechanism with optimised filter sponges
CONVENIENT: Easy to maintain and clean thanks to simple handle mechanism
CONVENIENT LAMP CHANGE: The UV lamp can be changed while the unit is running – no need to switch off the filter, no need to dismantle the quartz glass
PROTECTED: The high-quality UVC housing protects the ballast unit from sunlight and moisture
POWERFUL: All latest generation FiltoClear models feature upgraded, highly effective UV lamps
2-WAY VALVE: Choose whether the water flows into the pond or into the waste water after cleaning the filter
IMPROVED EFFICIENCY: The built-in OASE bypass technology ensures optimum water flow and prevents the filter from clogging
STABLE AND ROBUST: The hard-wearing housing made of high-quality plastic can be easily buried in the ground and impresses with its long durability
UNDER PRESSURE: The metal clamping ring with simple lever function makes opening and closing a FiltoClear safer and easier than ever before

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