About Us

The Water Garden are your specialists in keeping koi carp and other cold water fish. With a wealth of experience in the aquatic industry, you will receive expert help and guidance on all areas of your pond from planning and construction through to stocking and maintenance.

Murat is originally from Turkey, and he first discovered his interest in Koi Fish and everything related to garden ponds when he moved to England in 2003.

The Water Garden now in bigger store!!!

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History of the Company

The Water Garden started with Glen’s (the original owner) fish-keeping hobby. He built his first small pond and filled it with goldfish and other cold-water fish, only for a heron to devour the lot!

Not being deterred he visited a local fish outlet where he discovered Koi. He progressed quickly to building a larger pond which was deep enough to house the larger Koi.

He even went to Japan, visiting the Koi dealers there and buying a variety of fish, some jumbo size. This is when the hobby changed into the business and “Cranford Koi” was born.

Launched in 1991, the business was based from home and two years later it moved to premises at Nene Court in Wellingborough. The business steadily grew over following five years and in 1998 the opportunity arose to move to a purpose built Koi outlet on Finedon Road, Wellingborough, under a new name, The Water Garden.

After 25 successful years, Glen retired and Murat Bayar (who had been the Store Manager for the previous twelve years) took over.

Our Vision

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